Out of Time


Starring: Denzel Washington, Eva Mendez

This was clearly not one of Denzel’s best movies. It was like someone tried to make a movie from 1980-something during 2003 but have some of the things from 2003 in it. Does that make any sense? I thought not.

I can’t see how that movie was even good back in 2003. And what amazes me even more… it won awards!

At best, this movie is good for a lazy Sunday afternoon when you are about ready for a nap. Oh! But if you blink you’ll miss the sneaky plot twist they’ve thrown in. But I’m sure if you’ve been at least halfway paying attention you’ve got it all figured out already.

If you haven’t seen this movie, just say no. If you have, I feel your pain. Well, unless you are one of the few that actually like it.


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