Ned Kelly: take two

The first time I heard of this movie it was a trailer on another movie. I wrote down the name of it with a list of other movies I wanted to see. After the movie I was watching was over I went to find this one. I searched Netflix, Redbox and the library. The only place that had a movie by the name of Ned Kelly was the library. So I put it on hold and waited for it to come in.

It was a really long wait. By the time I got the movie I had almost forgotten what it was about and who was in it. The cover didn’t look familiar at all. I soon found out why.

The movie I checked out was the 1970 version of Ned Kelly starring none other than Mick Jagger. You heard me, Mick Jagger. Yikes! The man may be able to sing but he can’t act his way out of a paper bag. What a horrible horrible movie.

Some people should stick to what they do best, and for Mick it ain’t acting. I did take into consideration the fact that it was 1969-70 when it was filmed. Didn’t matter, the acting sucked. Period.

After watching that monstrosity, I again searched for the movie I had seen in the trailer. The movie that looked much more interesting that the one I just watched. Luckily I found information on it on This version starred Heath Ledger, a much better actor. With this information I went in search of a copy I could watch, again I came up empty handed. I put it in my Netflix que, just in case.

A few days ago I checked my Netflix and there it was ready for me to watch on my computer. Hooray!

So, without further ado. Let me present…

Ned Kelly: 2004

Starring: Heath Ledger, Orlando Bloom, Geoffrey Rush


The Ned in this version did not start out looking or acting like a hoodlum. He was an innocent man accused of something he didn’t do by an arse of a policeman and then did what he thought he had to do.

In the first version ‘ol Mick made the Ned character look like a hoodlum from the get go, and just kept it up.

Heath’s portrayal was much more real and believable. I think Ned Kelly would be proud.


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