Feed the Fish


Starring: Tony Shalhoub, Barry Corbin, Ross Partridge

I picked this movie just because it had Tony Shalhoub in it. I took a big chance that I would be mentally numb by the time it was over. I was watching it on my Macbook free courtesy of Netflix. No money lost if it was a dud.

So I hit ‘play’ and settled in.

The first five minutes or so just about killed me, but I realized you have to set the premise and all. After that it was smooth rollin’.

Tony Shalhoub, tough guy Sheriff Andersen, cracked me up. Then there’s Ross Partridge who plays Joe Peterson, a guy that just needs to get away from it all to work on his book and nothing seems to go right.

I found myself laughing through most of the movie. There is one part where Tony Shalhoubs laugh is just infectious. I love it!

Check out the trailer: (Not the Official trailer but it had the best sound quality)


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