The Next Three Days


Starring: Russell Crowe, Elizabeth Banks, Liam Neeson

This was a pretty good movie. I think they could have used a different leading lady, as I am not really fond of Elizabeth Banks. Other than that, pretty darned good.

Russell Crowe put in a fine performance.

It’s just your average story about your typical family going about their daily lives and then next thing you know… mommy (Elizabeth Banks) is getting arrested first thing in the morning for killing her boss. All before your morning coffee!

All kinds of hubbub takes place from there. John (Russell Crowe) is now a single dad trying to work, raise a boy and find a way to get his wife Lara out of jail.

And let’s throw a wrench in the works… Nicole (Olivia Wilde), the mom of his boys playmate. That’s quite the wrench!

See the trailer:


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