Lies and Illusions


Starring: Christian Slater, Cuba Gooding Jr., Sarah Ann Schultz

Lies & Illusions… Horrible, horrible crap. If I were Christian and Cuba I would have gone into hiding after shooting this pile of garbage.

It was the script not the actors, well… some of the other actors, like the blond, Sarah Ann Schultz, can’t act to save her life. Not at all believable. Then there is Christa Campbell, the brunette. Yikes, she’s bad too.

What were the directors/producers thinking “Let’s put Cuba and Christian in a movie with a bunch of morons and a shitty script and see if it floats.” Sweet mother of God, this baby sank before it had a chance to scream for a life jacket.

As far as I can tell the writer, Eric James, has done nothing before this movie. It shows. The director, Tibor Takacs, looks to have done mostly TV movies with an actual (crappy) movie thrown in here and there. Tibor, stick to what you know… TV.

As for Lies & Illusions, I’m going to try and forget I ever saw it.


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