Powder Blue


Starring: Jessica Biel, Eddie Redmayne and Forest Whitaker and Ray Liota

A story of an ex-con, a mortician, an ex-priest and a stripper. What more could you ask for in a movie? Oh wait… I forgot to mention the drag queen.

Powder Blue was quite confusing for about the first 30 – 45 minutes. In a half-baked way you were being let into these four peoples lives but with no back story until just about halfway or more through the movie. The trail of breadcrumbs left for you to try and figure it out on your own were sparse, and I really mean they were sparse.

Once things start making sense the movie is actually pretty good. Here is where I issue a tissue warning.

Also, there are LOTS of naked boobs in this movie, Jessica Biels naked boobs at that. Well, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Oh, and you get to see an topless out-of-shape Ray Liota. Joy! He’s got potential to be a hot older guy if he’d get off the couch and workout. Perhaps I should shoot him an email, tell him to ask Jessica what she did to get into fab shape for Powder Blue.

Anyway, I’m ‘Thumb-Upping’ this movie.


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