Morning Glory


Starring: Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton

Funny movie!

Rachel McAdams and Harrison Ford have on screen chemistry that I’d like to see again. Becky (McAdams) is a young executive producer, Mike (Ford) is an old egotistical stodgy news reporter she convinces into taking a newly available co-host job. Now she has to get Mike to do the job the ‘Daybreak’ way, not in his usual stuffed shirt way.

She finds herself falling for a handsome guy who used to work under Mike and finds she has to save the show from shutting down.

Can she get Mike to do his job the proper way? Can she save the show?

There were parts of this movie where I found myself laughing so hard I was almost in tears!
Oh, as for the ‘romance’ part… it doesn’t take over the movie it’s mostly funny!


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