Just Go With It


Starring: Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Brooklyn Decker, Nicole Kidman

Pretty good movie, even with Jennifer Aniston in it. I’m not much of a fan, she’s just not all that special.

Now that I know who Brooklyn Decker is I still don’t care. Just another overly pretty face that everyone’s making a stink about. Meh.

This rom-com isn’t mushy to the point of annoyance, it’s actually quite funny. Even if you can’t stand Adam Sandler because of his potty humor or whatnot, you should give this movie a whirl. I was surprised and how clean he kept it, like in Spanglish. He was funny and not offensive.

Holy Crap can Nicole Kidman play an uppity snot! She was born to play that type of role, she has just the right… I don’t know, attitude?

Sandler and Aniston had good on screen chemistry which is a good thing. I think I’d watch this movie again. I’ll give it two paws up.


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