The Company Men


Starring: Tommy Lee Jones, Ben Affleck, Chris Cooper, Kevin Costner

A company downsizing. Corporate mucky-mucks are laid off.

One man, nearing 60 is virtually unemployable, finds no support at home so he takes to the bottle.

Another, loses his car and his house and ends up moving himself and his family in with his parents.

The second in command, co-founder, fired by his best friend, doesn’t so much as look for another job as keeps up with how his ex-coworkers/friends are doing. All the while having a secret affair with the head of HR, the firing squad chief.

How will this all turn out? Will they find employment? Guess you’ll have to watch.

Good movie, it didn’t drag on for hours. There are some pretty funny scenes in the movie. I’d probably watch this again.

Kevin Costner was tolerable, almost funny. Ben Affleck was a great deal better in this movie, almost like he could actually act! Tommy Lee Jones, superior as always.


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