Peep World


Starring: Michael C. Hall, Sarah Silverman and Rainn Wilson

If I ever see another movie with Sarah Silverman in it it will be too soon. Peep World is 79 minutes long… that is SEVENTY-NINE minutes you will NEVER get back! Consider yourself warned.

I painstakingly watched the whole movie, pausing it when I got up. Not once did I find where they could have categorized this movie as a ‘Comedy’. Sure, in some cases it could be funny as hell watching a dysfunctional family duking it out over a book the youngest kid wrote that exposes the whole family’s underbelly. In this case, not so much. They are all just angry and every one of them have major issues to deal with and it’s just not funny at all. Peep World did not make me feel good in any way.

I’m giving this waste of money two big steaming piles of poo. Ugh!


2 responses to this post.

  1. There is a general rule I use with movies. If any movie is under 90 minutes, then it’s probably at best, an average low budget B-movie. At worst, it’s dog poo. Even if the credits push a movie over 90 minutes, there may be a chance it’s good. 79 minutes should have tipped you off that this movie was going to suck. Sarah Silverman…well she comes from Satan’s unwashed backside. No talent. Not funny. Foul waste of life.


    • That is the funniest comment I’ve read! “comes from Satan’s unwashed backside” I will have to remember that one. Unfortunately, I can’t use your rule. I watch almost everything and some movies aren’t that long but are still rather good. I think the biggest downfall was that they paired ‘Comedy’ with exposing family secrets thinking “Hey, this will be hilarious!” but went about it in a dark unfunny manner.


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