Starring: Bradley Cooper, Abbie Cornish, Robert De Niro

Limitless had the potential to be a great movie… a fantastic movie, but in the end it was just OK.

The plot:

“An action-thriller about a writer who takes an experimental drug that allows him to use 100 percent of his mind. As one man evolves into the perfect version of himself, forces more corrupt than he can imagine mark him for assassination.”

Where the movie falls short… SPOILERS!!!

So, here we have Eddie (Cooper) trying his hand at writing. Obviously it’s not going so well, he looks like a bum and hasn’t written a page. Starving artist? Yes.

His hot girlfriend Lindy (Cornish) has now dumped him because of his bum-like status.  After 10 years, he runs into his ex brother-in-law Vernon (Whitworth) on the sidewalk.Vernon all dressed to the nines in his drug dealer wear. Vernon and Eddie to go have a drink.

Good ‘ol Vernon is a pharmaceutical rep (heh), now he’s got the handle on some powerful mind drug. You’ll be using 100% of your brain. “Here Eddie, take one… on me.” Seriously, you run into someone you haven’t seen in 10 years and they are dressed like a friggin’ drug dealing pimp and you take a so-called FDA approved pill in a clear baggie from them? COME THE HELL ON!

I did like, in a way, how they showed the drug working. All the light and such. That was rather unique. What I could have done without is when Eddie sat down to actually write his book all those stupid lit up letters falling from above. A bit overkill for my taste.

Next day, Eddie’s back to bum status. Back to good ‘ol Vernon. “Yo man, we gotta talk” “Sure, sure.. Go get some grub then we’ll talk.” Eddie comes back to find Vernon dead on the couch. Imagine that, the ‘pharmaceutical rep’ is dead. Hmm, maybe he was a drug dealer. Duh!

After Eddie calls the police and hides in a corner waiting he decides he should ransack Vernon’s apartment just in case whoever killed Vernon didn’t find those magical pills. Yo Eddie! Look in the oven, dude!
The police arrive just after Eddie finds the pills. They knock about four times and yell their identification and to open up. Now, I’ve watched a ton of cop shows and they should have busted down the door by now. Especially for a murder call. What were they waiting for, the maid to let them in? And engraved invitation??

Here we have our ziplock baggie of pills. It’s half full. He takes one per day, then after a certain point he’s hit a ceiling and starts taking two per day.  That little baggie should have been empty way before he became mister millionaire financial man that could buy his own lab and have his own pills made in 6 months time. Unless, of course, my timeline is WAY off. Even if he took one a day from the time he said “you have 6 months” there is no way those would last. Please, tell me if I’m wrong.

Speaking of two million dollars… If you make that in next to no time wouldn’t the feds be breathing down your neck almost instantly? Surely you draw some sort of attention to yourself other than that of some big whig business hot shot Van Loon (De Niro) guy.

AND… What about those thugs chasing Eddie? Not the Russian guys, Eddie was just stupid with them. I mean the ones that ended up wanting the NZT. How did they get on to Eddie in the first place? Did they see him with Vernon? I never caught that, they were just suddenly after Eddie.

Also, who killed the blonde bimbo? Last I heard Eddie couldn’t remember anything and then nothing was ever shown/mentioned again. Did I miss a subtle clue? Or is this just an open ended hole in their plot?

Finally, drinking a little of the dead Russian’s blood to get just enough NZT to kill the other two Russian’s? Seriously? Besides the fact that that was truly disgusting, I find it extremely hard to believe that it would even be possible to get enough NZT to do any good to anyone bigger than a gnats ass… Especially since Eddie has been a long time user of double dosage.

Well, there you have it. Please feel free to comment, I always like hearing from my readers!


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  1. Your reviews are getting better and better. I love reading them. Awesome!


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