Starring: Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler, Kevin Bacon

Super was recommended to me by a friend. Needless to say, I won’t be taking their recommendations again.

The first 20 min. of Super seemed like some B-rated home movie that I had to slog through in order to get to the real movie. Unfortunately, the rest of the movie was only a might bit better.

Drama? Yes. Action? Well, at the end yes. Comedy? I couldn’t find any. Oh wait, there was one little part that I slightly giggled at with Libby/Boltie (Ellen Page) but that’s it.

Super is 96 min. of utter crap. Frank’s (Rainn Wilson) wife (Liv Tyler) leaves him for a drug dealer Jacques (Kevin Bacon), so he decides to make himself into a super hero. That’s just what every guy should do when they get dumped, yes? NO!

I’m thinking he turned himself into more of a vigilante than a super hero. The violence in this movie is unbelievable. The last time I checked, super heroes weren’t like that.

This was a big time fail in the Super Hero department. I think this is one movie we could have done without and I can see why it didn’t last long in theaters.

I’m giving Super a rating of ‘C’ for Crap and two big steaming piles of poo.

P.S. Ellen, baby… pick you’re movies more carefully, you’re a wonderful actress.


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