Dinner for Schmucks

2010Dinner for Schmucks

Starring: Steve Carell, Paul Rudd and Stephanie Szostak

Tim (Paul Rudd) is a rising executive stuck on the 6th floor. In a bold move, he makes an impromptu presentation to the upper level executives and ends up invited to the big bosses house for dinner. He must bring a guest, as it is a dinner for idiots.

As he is trying to get out of this dinner by convincing his assistant to lie for him he accidentally hits Barry (Steve Carell) with his car. Barry turns out to be the perfect guest.

As Tim struggles with the fact that his girlfriend, Julie (Stephanie Szostak), doesn’t want him to go to this dinner because it is mean spirited, Barry shows up and begins to wreak havoc in his life.

Dinner for Schmucks is hilarious. The first scene with Zach Galifianakis as Therman bored me to death. It was almost painful to watch. Thankfully it didn’t last long. Aside from that it was a great movie. Rudd and Carell had great on-screen chemistry.

I’m not sure why Dinner for Schmucks got such a low rating and bad reviews. I laughed through the whole movie except for that one scene. Who knows, maybe they went in expecting too much. Never go to the movies expecting too much, you’ll only be disappointed.

Two thumbs up for me!


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