Your Highness

2011Your Highness

Starring: Danny McBride, Natalie Portman and James Franco

A friend warned me about this movie Your Highness. He said there are things in this movie I would never unsee, they would be seared into my brain forever ever… or close to it. He was right.

The ONLY reason I half-heartedly watched this Your Highness is because someone else picked it. I passed on the warning I was given, but still they wanted to watch it. And now, they cannot unsee what should not have been seen.

All you could hear out of me during the movie was “What the…” “OMG!” “EWW” “Are You Kidding Me?!” “My eyes! My eyes!” “Natalie Portman is in this?! Did she need the money?”

And that is how horrible Your Highness is. I have seen some vulgar and offensive movies bordering on porn before but this one… this one should be burned and have someone say the last rites over it.

I could have sworn James Franco (Fabious) could act. In this movie, he can’t act his way out of a soaking wet paper sack with holes in it. Danny McBride (Thadeous), is he always an idiot or does he just play one on the big screen? And Natalie, little Natalie… WTF were you thinking? Do you owe millions to someone? Were you blackmailed into doing this film? There has  got to be some reason for lowering your standards!

There was nothing minutely funny about Your Highness. Yes, it was an Adventure… an adventure down vulgar road. And there was Fantasy but I think it was only with the film makers thinking this movie could make them big bucks.

I am giving Your Highness two HUGE steaming piles of crap.

P.S. The next time someone tells me something will be seared into my brain forever, I’m going to believe them!




2 responses to this post.

  1. Your review pretty much summed it up for me. It’s definitely in the top 10 worst movies of all time in my book. There is nothing redeeming about it: filthy, lowest-common-denominator trash. Natalie Portman should be ashamed (Wait ’til her kid watches this movie one day…). That friend of yours must have been a really special dude to try to save your soul from that garbage. You should kiss him the next time you see him.


    • Still, days later, I can’t get some of those horrible brain searing images out of my head. I should have listened. Ugh.
      Thanks for your comment!


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