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The Five-Year Engagement


Starring: Jason Segel, Emily Blunt and Chris Pratt

The Five-Year Engagement… I don’t know what I was thinking when I started watching this movie. I can’t stand Jason Segel, he’s just not funny. At all. And spending approximately 124 min watching him whine was torture. I wanted to reach into the TV and punch him in the back of the head.

I suppose this movie would have been more fun if they would have chose a different leading man, say… ANYBODY ELSE. There’s a great storyline and the other actors are wonderful. There weren’t even any face palm worthy lines. That’s a major bonus.

Anyway, if you can get past Mr. Segel and his unfunniness then you’ve got a decent movie. For me, it was a toughy.


Crazy, Stupid, Love

2011Crazy, Stupid, Love

Starring: Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone

Crazy, Stupid, Love is a fantastic movie!

Cal (Carell) and Emily (Moore) have three kids and are happily married, until Emily asks for a divorce. Cal, newly semi-single and depressed needs to find his his way in the singles scene after a 25-year hiatus, and Jacob (Gosling) is just the man for the job.

With Jacob’s help, new clothes and a few lessons on finding the manhood he lost many years ago Cal is on his way. First pickup, the ‘sexy-cute’ school teacher…

Seems after the first one it’s not so hard, Cal is pickin’ ’em up easy as pie… until his wing man goes AWOL. It all starts at the parent-teacher conference…

Watching the end of the parent-teacher scene a line from Dan in Real Life kept running through my head, “I am the murderer of love”. Now, if you haven’t seen it, you must.. It’s pretty good.

And by the way, it is.. Love… Crazy, Stupid that is..

Two thumbs way up.

Larry Crowne

2011Larry Crowne

Starring: Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Sarah Mahoney

I really liked Larry Crowne. I’d probably watch it again.

Larry (Hanks) has just been ‘downsized’ from his job for not having a college degree and therefore no growth potential.

In order to make sure that doesn’t happen in his next job he heads to the community college. There he takes several courses, one of which is a class on public speaking taught by Mercedes Tainot (Roberts).

Mercedes has lost the passion in her marriage as well as the passion for teaching, until she begins her class with Larry.

Watch and see how Larry overcomes the life changes of unemployment, school and some new friends. Does Mercedes become one of his friends or just stay his teacher? Does Larry thrive in his new life? Watch and see.

The Adjustment Bureau


Starring: Matt Damon, Emily Blunt

I’m not sure why I so many people were giving this movie crappy reviews. I liked it. The movie did not at all seem predictable and that’s a big plus these days.

Do you believe your path in life is laid out for you?

Would you defy all odds to change your path even if it meant you had to risk everything?

The Adjustment Bureau asks just those questions and I can pretty much promise you’ll ask yourself the same after the movie.

Drop me a line after the movie and let me know…

Hall Pass


Starring: Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis and Christina Applegate

I wasn’t overly impressed by Hall Pass. There were some funny parts, but mostly I found myself bored.

I mean really, a get out of marriage for a week pass. If my spouse suggested that to me I would immediately think they were the one that wanted to fool around. Wouldn’t you? Such crap. Marriage is sacred, don’t f*** with it.

I’ll be giving Hall Pass two paws up because I laughed so hard at one scene I couldn’t’ breathe, but that’s it.

If you enjoyed it, that’s all cool. For me… it was somewhat of a waste.

Just Go With It


Starring: Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Brooklyn Decker, Nicole Kidman

Pretty good movie, even with Jennifer Aniston in it. I’m not much of a fan, she’s just not all that special.

Now that I know who Brooklyn Decker is I still don’t care. Just another overly pretty face that everyone’s making a stink about. Meh.

This rom-com isn’t mushy to the point of annoyance, it’s actually quite funny. Even if you can’t stand Adam Sandler because of his potty humor or whatnot, you should give this movie a whirl. I was surprised and how clean he kept it, like in Spanglish. He was funny and not offensive.

Holy Crap can Nicole Kidman play an uppity snot! She was born to play that type of role, she has just the right… I don’t know, attitude?

Sandler and Aniston had good on screen chemistry which is a good thing. I think I’d watch this movie again. I’ll give it two paws up.

How Do You Know


Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson, Paul Rudd, Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson was great, I have yet to find a movie that he didn’t do well in. He plays Charles, the father of  George (Paul Rudd), a business man with some not-so-great fathering skills and even worse business practices.

George used to work for/with his father, before he was indicted from his fathers company.

Matty (Owen Wilson) is a clueless and womanizing baseball player that Lisa (Reese Witherspoon) starts to date and then moves in with after she gets cut from her pro baseball team. All the while she is seeing George, who wants to be more than just friends with her.

Good movie. Paul Rudd was hilarious. I think he was my favorite in this movie with Jack Nicholson coming in second.