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Super 8

2011Super 8

Starring: Elle Fanning, Joel Chandler, Riley Griffiths, Amanda Michalka, Kyle Chandler

Set in a small Ohio town in the summer of 1979, Super 8 tells the story of a group of kids trying to finish making a movie but end up witnessing a horrific train crash. Soon after there are unexplained events, people go missing and the military comes in and takes over.

Super 8, for the most part, centers around a group of friends trying to finish a movie project. Joe (Joel Courtney), best friends with movie maker Charles (Riley Griffiths), is trying to cope with the recent loss of his mother due to a factory accident. He dives in full force to help Charles finish his movie. Meanwhile, Charles has enlisted the reset of the gang to help and has even talked Alice (Elle Fanning), ever boys crush, into helping.

Gathered for a late night shoot at an old train depot, Charles spots a train in the distance. He yells for everyone to get ready, he doesn’t want to lose this shot. As they are shooting Joe sees something in the distance on the tracks. Everybody, RUN!

Cue military, strange events, curious friends, upset town (it’s the Soviets!!), and a Sheriff that doesn’t know what to do and isn’t getting any answers from anyone.

Now, I’ve left A LOT out and I did it on purpose. There is so much to this movie it’s hard not to give it away. Super 8 definitely has mystery, thrills, laughs, scares, etc. I really enjoyed it. I even jumped a couple of times. I’m not sure if it’s because it was so loud or because I was actually startled!

Abrams and Spielberg did an excellent job on Super 8. I’m extremely impressed and would definitely recommend Super 8.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

written in collaboration with The Saint

2011Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Starring: Shia LaBeouf, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Tyrese Gibson

Transformers: Dark of the Moon was fantastic!

I’d been waiting like a kid at Christmas for the DVD to come out and just about wet myself when it showed up in my mailbox. I could hardly wait for it to get dark so I could shut off the lights and turn the TV up really loud and watch. Popcorn anyone?

As with Transformers 1 & 2 there was tons of action–big explosive action! Then there’s the scene’s that make you hold your breath until they’re over… I hate those.  If you really need me to prime (pun: intended) you for this movie, shame on you.  Watch the first two movies and get back to me.

Shia LaBeouf is back as Sam, friend of the Autobots, with his new girlfriend, Carly (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley).  From what I can gather, Carly works for Dylan (Patrick Dempsey) and most of what she does is walk around, looking perfect.  She really is just background scenery.   Meanwhile, the good Autobots and evil Decepticons race each other to the moon to claim an ancient ship, originally from their home planet, Cybertron.  Apparently, the US Government has kept this ship under wraps for decades.  The Autobots discover the previous leader of the Transformers, named Sentinel Prime, who created the technology to transport matter between worlds.

Once Sentinel is reactivated, all hell breaks loose.

Needless to say, the rest of the movie is relentless action.  NON.  STOP.  The CGI is so incredible that you are just staring at the screen in awe, mouth wide open.  There are casualties of  war, betrayers, heroes and drama–plot devices usually implemented in more “mature” films (without robots).  I didn’t have to invest in the plot of military secrecy or the fate of the planet.  The frenzied energy of the movie is a blast and now I, sooooo, wish I caught this in 3D on the big screen.  Everyone has seen the Bumble Bee trailer but you have to understand the scene within the context of the film to truly appreciate it.  I was cheering all the way to the credits.  Just go see it.

Two paws WAY up!



Starring: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Seth Rogen

I found Paul to be extremely funny. I’m thinkin’ we all need our own little Paul.

I’m not much of a Seth Rogen fan because it seems that he can’t do any movie without having the F-word being most of his lines. Sometimes I swear he rewrites his scripts just to add that word in there. Bad form.

Paul, a recent escapee from a military compound, wrecks his stolen car and is picked up by two Comic-con geeks Graeme Willy (Simon Pegg) and Clive Gollings (Nick Frost) outside Area 51. Together, Paul takes them on a wild road trip where they accidently have to kidnap a young woman, Ruth Buggs (Kristen Wiig), because she saw Paul. All the while they are being chased by Feds and the crazy father of the girl and trying to get Paul back to his mother ship.

There are crazy mishaps, adventures and run-ins that make this movie fun to watch. And there’s even a twist to the story! I so did not expect that!!

So, if you like alien stuff and you just don’t give a hoot how many alien movies are out there and you’re looking for fun, then I suggest Paul.

Two thumbs up for me!



Starring: Bradley Cooper, Abbie Cornish, Robert De Niro

Limitless had the potential to be a great movie… a fantastic movie, but in the end it was just OK.

The plot:

“An action-thriller about a writer who takes an experimental drug that allows him to use 100 percent of his mind. As one man evolves into the perfect version of himself, forces more corrupt than he can imagine mark him for assassination.”

Where the movie falls short… SPOILERS!!!

So, here we have Eddie (Cooper) trying his hand at writing. Obviously it’s not going so well, he looks like a bum and hasn’t written a page. Starving artist? Yes.

His hot girlfriend Lindy (Cornish) has now dumped him because of his bum-like status.  After 10 years, he runs into his ex brother-in-law Vernon (Whitworth) on the sidewalk.Vernon all dressed to the nines in his drug dealer wear. Vernon and Eddie to go have a drink.

Good ‘ol Vernon is a pharmaceutical rep (heh), now he’s got the handle on some powerful mind drug. You’ll be using 100% of your brain. “Here Eddie, take one… on me.” Seriously, you run into someone you haven’t seen in 10 years and they are dressed like a friggin’ drug dealing pimp and you take a so-called FDA approved pill in a clear baggie from them? COME THE HELL ON!

I did like, in a way, how they showed the drug working. All the light and such. That was rather unique. What I could have done without is when Eddie sat down to actually write his book all those stupid lit up letters falling from above. A bit overkill for my taste.

Next day, Eddie’s back to bum status. Back to good ‘ol Vernon. “Yo man, we gotta talk” “Sure, sure.. Go get some grub then we’ll talk.” Eddie comes back to find Vernon dead on the couch. Imagine that, the ‘pharmaceutical rep’ is dead. Hmm, maybe he was a drug dealer. Duh!

After Eddie calls the police and hides in a corner waiting he decides he should ransack Vernon’s apartment just in case whoever killed Vernon didn’t find those magical pills. Yo Eddie! Look in the oven, dude!
The police arrive just after Eddie finds the pills. They knock about four times and yell their identification and to open up. Now, I’ve watched a ton of cop shows and they should have busted down the door by now. Especially for a murder call. What were they waiting for, the maid to let them in? And engraved invitation??

Here we have our ziplock baggie of pills. It’s half full. He takes one per day, then after a certain point he’s hit a ceiling and starts taking two per day.  That little baggie should have been empty way before he became mister millionaire financial man that could buy his own lab and have his own pills made in 6 months time. Unless, of course, my timeline is WAY off. Even if he took one a day from the time he said “you have 6 months” there is no way those would last. Please, tell me if I’m wrong.

Speaking of two million dollars… If you make that in next to no time wouldn’t the feds be breathing down your neck almost instantly? Surely you draw some sort of attention to yourself other than that of some big whig business hot shot Van Loon (De Niro) guy.

AND… What about those thugs chasing Eddie? Not the Russian guys, Eddie was just stupid with them. I mean the ones that ended up wanting the NZT. How did they get on to Eddie in the first place? Did they see him with Vernon? I never caught that, they were just suddenly after Eddie.

Also, who killed the blonde bimbo? Last I heard Eddie couldn’t remember anything and then nothing was ever shown/mentioned again. Did I miss a subtle clue? Or is this just an open ended hole in their plot?

Finally, drinking a little of the dead Russian’s blood to get just enough NZT to kill the other two Russian’s? Seriously? Besides the fact that that was truly disgusting, I find it extremely hard to believe that it would even be possible to get enough NZT to do any good to anyone bigger than a gnats ass… Especially since Eddie has been a long time user of double dosage.

Well, there you have it. Please feel free to comment, I always like hearing from my readers!

I am Number Four


Starring: Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Olyphant and Dianna Agron

I liked this movie. It was just enough Sci-Fi that it didn’t bore my pants off.

Action, there was action! I liked the way the Aliens used guns and not shooting whatnot from tentacles or sparks from the antennae on their heads or something equally lame. I really hate that stuff. It seems so low budget 1970 to me.

Oh, and why do the Aliens always have to have the scrappiest teeth? Seriously??

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone fighting, but there was some butt kickin’ going on by Number Four! I would not want to be on the receiving end of his swirly blue hand.

The writers even tossed in a little romance, but not enough to make you want to gag. Just enough to let you know that Number Four is a teenager and he’s got emotions.

I would definitely recommend this movie for a night of entertainment.

P.S. Number 6… She friggin’ rocks!

The Adjustment Bureau


Starring: Matt Damon, Emily Blunt

I’m not sure why I so many people were giving this movie crappy reviews. I liked it. The movie did not at all seem predictable and that’s a big plus these days.

Do you believe your path in life is laid out for you?

Would you defy all odds to change your path even if it meant you had to risk everything?

The Adjustment Bureau asks just those questions and I can pretty much promise you’ll ask yourself the same after the movie.

Drop me a line after the movie and let me know…

Source Code


Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan and Vera Farmiga

Good movie!

I thought I had this one figured out from about 5 minutes into the movie and started getting bummed that it was just another version of a craptastic movie. Boy was I wrong!

I’m still trying to figure out why they have this under the ‘Thriller’ genre… I wasn’t on the edge of my seat at all, I wasn’t scared, tensed… I’d just drop that one and keep it under the Mystery-ish Sci-Fi (<– see, CORRECT way to spell it) genre’s.

Anyway, little Jake G. did a bang up job as always as did the supporting cast.

So, check it out!