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True Grit


Starring: Jeff Bridges, Hailee Steinfeld, Matt Damon

Excellent movie! Kudos to the Coen brothers for another excellent job!

Jeff Bridges was truly the best actor to play Rooster Cogburn. He was so good it was almost annoying, especially his drunkenness.

It took me a few minutes, and looking at the movie jacket, to confirm that it was actually Matt Damon playing LaBoeuf. I didn’t recognize his voice or face, I just barely recognized his eyes. They really did a good job taking the ‘Matt Damon’ look off and putting the ‘Western’ look on.

Hailee Steinfeld has come barreling out of pretty much nowhere and has taken the silver screen by storm. In True Grit she plays Mattie Ross, a young girl determined to find her fathers killer. She’s out to kick a little ass and she ain’t taking ‘No’ for an answer.

Bend of the River


Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Rock Hudson and Arthur Kennedy

This is just your classic old western movie. People make a settlement out on the Oregon territory (pre-gold rush), all the while trying to survive Indian attacks and crooked officials.

Jimmy Stewart plays a man (Glyn McLyntock) with a checkered past trying to make good, he and his friend Cole (Arthur Kennedy). Come winter, McLyntock and Cole have to go get the food and supplies that weren’t delivered. On the trip back with the supplies and after dealing with crooked officials, plans suddenly changed… McLyntock was in for a surprise.